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Tire Medic MK II

Tire Medic MK II

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Tire Medic MK II is the best tire flat preventative and curative product on the market. It is a two part system that can be added through the valve stem of the tire in question. In each package is a transfer tube and a METAL valve core tool. It is simple to do and once the two parts are combined in the tire will result in a reacted product that is capable of plugging holes, sealing cracks, and improving tire longevity. It will not freeze in the tire until -50° F. Which is very advantageous to those in northern areas. It is non toxic, non corrosive, and biodegradable once it is outside the tire making it ideal for agricultural use. If you wanted to remove the leftover product it can be wiped out with a rag with little to no residue left. It won’t affect the balance of the tire as we have tested it with up to 100 mph road tests. The package contains 1 8 oz bottle of part A and B which is perfect for utility tires, lawn movers, trailers and those on ATV/RTV’s.

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